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Grille Ceiling

Technical Data:

  • Material Baffles are produced from extruded aluminium. End caps are produced from plastic suspension system. Galvanised mild steel surface finish factory applied polyster powder coat. End caps are finished in Black/Grey, with special colors upon application suspension system.
  • 100mm Baffles @50mm centres
  • Material Baffle also produced for the Wall Application with end caps and suspension of Galvanised MS on wall.
  • Recommended Suspension System U-Profile Channel to be suspended on 5mm Rod and Suspension clips at 1200 X 1200 mm centres. Baffles installed at minimum 50mm centers.
  • Available in Extrusion and also in Galvanised MS Bend Metal Baffle Ceiling.


  • Attractive linear, ceiling system that screens the open plenum.
  • Flexible design enables “permiter to core” or fully “discontinuous” solutions
  • Fast and easy installation, Heavy duty U-profile suspension channel primary rail for integration of services.
  • Four standard colours including multi “woodfinish” finishes
  • Two Baffle depths with flexible modules
  • Baffles are produced from durable extruded aluminium
  • Custom installation possible

Application Areas:

  • Open plan spaces
  • Foyers / Lobbies
  • Reception areas
  • Airports / Transport Terminals
  • Waiting areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Restaurants

Grille Ceiling
Grille Ceiling

Grille Ceiling