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Wooden Fire Door

SONIC Wooden Fire Rated Doors & Frames Manufacturer & Supplier

Sonic fire resistant wooden doors are made of two non-combustible boards sandwiching high-grade proprietary insulation material and intumescent compounds with solid wood edging all ground the shutter. An intumescent fire sealing smoke strip in incorporated in the edging of the shutter and in frame on all side except bottom. These are faced with plywood / decorative veneer or related product to provide aesthetic finish.

We also supply FIRE RESISTANT wooden frame to give more safety.

Sonic fire resistant doors are manufacture from NCBN Technology and confirm to National and International norms and standards like IS, BS, AS, ASTM and DIN, and are available in120 minutes fire rating in 40, 45, 50 and 55 mm thickness and in custom sizes.

120 minutes fire resistance insulated Wooden Sonic Fire Door

Sonic make 2 Hours fire rated doors system duly tested for Integrity & Insulation Criteria as per the IS : 3614 Part 2 and BS : 476 part 20 at Fire Research Laboratory Central Building Research Institute (CBRI)  with standard heating conditions as specified in IS : 3809 – 1979 and BS : 476 part 20 & 22 1987 to achieve the required integrity & insulation.

  • World’s Best Technology
  • Aesthetic Finish
  • High Grade Insulation
  • Safe Against Fire

Sonic fire-rated wooden doors

Sonic Fire-Rated Doors & Frames are specially constructed to control the spread of smoke and fire, and to protect Life-Safety in the event of a fire.

We can custom manufacture almost any Fire Door that your Architectural Designs require. You can choose 120 minute fire rating.

We manufacture doors with sliding and swing as well as folding doors. Our products reflect characteristics such as reliability, safety, design and performance.

All hardware and spares are readily available for the fire doors manufactured by us.

Recommended usage in places like:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • High Rise Buildings

Wooden Fire Door

 46mm Thick Wooden Fire Door of 120 minutes Fire Rating

  • 120x60mm thick wooden frame.
  • 10x4mm thick fire seal.
  • 38mm thick excellent – core.
  • 4mm thick ply on both sides


FRAME:- Supply of door frames made out Hardwood of size 120 x 60 mm suitable for Fire Resistance Shutters of 120 minutes, with heat activated Intumescent fire seal strips of size 10 x 4 mm provided in grooves on all three sides of the frame.

SHUTTER:- Supply of 46mm thick asbestos free composite fire and smoke check wooden shutter of 120 minutes rating similar to the prototype tested and certified at CBRI Roorkee and confirming to BS: 476 part-22 & IS: 3614 part-II comprising of 16mm thick fire resistance insulation filler sandwiching with two no 12mm thick non Combustible boards with 70 x 40mm hardwood internal timber frame work and faced with 3mm thick commercial ply on both sides with hardwood lipping on all around the shutter with heat activated intumescent fire seal strips of size 10 x 4mm on all sides of the shutter except bottom.

Wooden Fire Door