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SONIC Make Clean room doors and partition are specially designed for inside applications requiring limitation dust and air. The perfect Clean room door environmental control and protect the inside environment against draughts, dust and dirt.

Clean room doors provided by us also has environmental control.

One of the most imperative aspects of clean rooms is the Door you choose for clean room facility. Time for which door is open will play a critical factor in avoiding dirt, temperature, humidity etc. Opening and closure of door has to quick enough to isolate the two areas.

  •  Clean room doors are well suited to clean room isolation environment.
  •  Clean room doors provide high air-tightness and controls the inside pressure.
  •  SONIC make Clean room Door function Fast opening and closing of clean room doors ensures very low air loss and minimize air exchange, which results in increased clean room cost-effectiveness.
  •  The entire door (side frame, motor and roll cover, and bottom profile) is made from stainless steel.
  •   Powder coated surface facilitates easy cleaning and prevents particle deposits and long life to clean room doors.
  •   Thinnest and small gap of the clean room doors curtain guide ensures minimal pressure loss.
  •  SONIC make clean room doors are equipped with an optical safety contact edge.
  •  In clean room door Frequency converter control system are located in a compact sealed compartment under the top roll cover.


  • SONIC Clean door doors curtain are made of Powder coated Galvanised steel or stainless steel material. Controlling environment conditions inside the Factory, Clean Room, Hospital, Laboratory etc..
  • Self-supporting structure for simple and reliable operation.
  • Speed adjustment possible in all types of SONIC Clean door doors.
  • Due to their modern and architectural look, our high-speed Clean room doors perfectly match architecture of any building or institute.
  • These doors are designed to ensure smooth and accurate operation.
  • Various safety features are incorporated as per EN standards and GMP Standard.
  • Advanced drives & controls are incorporate to achieve any safety & operational requirement.

Clean Room Door


Clean Room Door